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The One Command Practitioner Certification Training Level 1

"If we open up to our vitality and to the sense of urgency that flows within us…we will have the pleasure of experiencing ourselves living and working in cooperation with the deepest forces of life"
- Rick Jarow, PH.D.


About The Practitioner Program

What are you really looking for?

More and more people, from all walks of life, are searching for answers to questions about their purpose, the value they can share and contribute in their work, how they can best motivate and inspire others, and how they can get the most out of their lives. This is what leads many people to explore personal development programs and the field of coaching. There is a drive within them for something more.

While that drive is innate, not all people act on it. For most, good enough is good enough. For others, the desire to lead a more powerful life, to experience excellence in whatever they choose to do, and to make a huge difference and impact on the lives of others is just too strong to ignore. If this describes you, then perhaps you have found a opportunity with The One Command, where we offer professional certification training programs along with personal and professional skills for high potential living.

There is a powerful secret that once uncovered changes everything within you - changes your ability to solve problems, reduce and eliminate stress, improve joy and confidence, restore health, and even make changes within your DNA itself. This secret of the One Command® is so profound that those applying the simple process are getting results that some call miraculous: unexpected money showing up, reversal of devastating financial loss, restoration of love in relationships, and turning health hardships, into health vibrancy to mention a few.

You know that everyone who has really prospered or reached an exceptional level of success has one thing in common, they have broken the bondage of their limitations. And that is what makes successful people so indestructible - no matter what happens to them or around them they still land on top

The One Command® Practitioner Certification Program has been developed so you can apply this secret power that is yours - a system of change that quickly and easily improves the quality of your life in a completely new way of living - one you have often hoped to have that lands you on top.


The One Command community is growing worldwide and
you have the opportunity to be at the ground floor of a
career with unlimited earning potential.

October 1, 2, 3

Class hours 9 am to 6 pm

Held At:

Osgood Bradley Building
18 Grafton St
Worcester, MA 01604

For More Information on the location and hours contact

Laura Creedon
email Laura

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Beyond being a training course, The One Command Practitioner Certification Course is an incredible program that introduces you to the Master Being that you ARE.

"We have the capacity to consciously evaluate our responses to environmental stimuli and change old responses any time we desire... once we deal with the powerful subconscious mind. We are not stuck with our genes or our self-defeating behavior!"
- Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., author of The Biology of Belief


The One Command Practitioner Certification trains you to empower yourself and others to make lasting change using a very simple process.


  • The ONE COMMAND® that stops limitation and attracts
    more success, health, wealth and happiness in a moment
  • Six-steps to the theta state
  • To operate in theta - that greater capacity within you
  • The Syntax of The One Command® - why it works
  • The Quantum Field of The One Command®
  • Brain Waves and their function in healing
  • Six Structures of Belief - the congruence test for change in all dimensions
  • Activation of Your DNA Blueprint for success
  • To operate as the observer
  • Elements of a session
  • To guide another through the process
  • Practice Sessions
  • Integration of change
  • The One Command® and physical healing
  • What is your Etheric DNA Blueprint for health
  • How to connect to your vital energy field of health
  • Remove beliefs that keep you and your clients separated
  • from your good in the world
  • Establish support and community in your practice
  • and much much more...

About Kathryn Perry
Co-Founder Commanding Wealth Seminars

Kathryn Perry has been on the healing path for over 20 years and is a partner with Asara Lovejoy in bringing The One Command Programs® to the world. Her background includes Hypnotherapy, Nuero-Linguistic Training (NLP), The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and has helped to develop many of the processes used in the Commanding Wealth® Seminars. Her enormous contribution in marketing and public relations have made it possible for The Commanding Wealth® Seminars to be taken world-wide.

Kathryn pursued a career in property management and quickly developed a reputation for her ability to turn poorly managed properties into stable income-generating propositions through improved resident relations and innovative marketing techniques. It is Kathryn's unique ability to see the solution within the problem, along with her years of training, warmth, humor and compassion that has made her a successful teacher, presenter and mentor.

About Asara Lovejoy

Asara Lovejoy, author of The One Command, and founder of The One Command Programs® ;Commanding Wealth, Command Your Greatness, The Deepening, The TOC Practitioner Certification Courses. is an educator in what is possible in human consciousness and has taught all over the world.Asara inspires, educates and empowers those she speaks to with the most up to date information on our human potential.Thousands of people have transformed their lives through her seminars, professional development programs. Her corporate and individual mentoring and coaching clients benefit from her experience, insights, intuition and knowledge.

Asara has investigated many avenues of thought and experience that go beyond our ordinary thinking and has always had a deep understanding of the greatness that resides within each of us. In addition, she has lived a very practical life - raising children while running her own businesses. She thoroughly enjoys the marketing and promotional avenues necessary to achieving your success. Asara says, “Many can argue that reality is as it is, but it is my experience that the opposite is exactly true: reality is ours for the making.”

Click here to download your own PDF Flier of The One Command® Practitioner Certification Program
and share it with your friends.

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The One Command, Commanding Wealth Seminars or
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